Staying hydrated is a keystone of proper health, but with the current apocalyptic levels of plastic floating around in our oceans, drinking bottled water isn’t exactly an ethical option. It’s not just the environmental consequences that make bottled water a bad choice, though. The price of bottled water is marked up at exponential levels, and the companies that bottle that water often buy up local water rights only to sell that municipal water right back to consumers at these inflated prices.

To help consumers cut the bottled water habit, a new app called Tap just rolled out to help users find the nearest free drinking fountain or restaurant that will refill bottles at no charge. The app is the brainchild of Samuel Ian Rosen, founder and CEO of Tap, who got the idea while traveling. Rosen always carried a reusable bottle with him while traveling but often couldn’t find a place to fill it up, forcing him to buy bottled water.

With the Tap app, that last resort will hopefully never have to be an option. “So long as you carry your own bottle, you never have to buy a bottle of water ever again,” says Rosen who designed the app to gather a huge list of locations where people can fill water bottles for free. “All these places were already giving out free water and none of them had a map that connects all of it.”

Tap lists over 34,000 refill stations and fountains in 30 different countries. The refill stations vary from restaurants to retail stores which either offer free refill stations or will refill bottles for customers at no charge. Tap will even soon add a feature to let users rate locations based on convenience and taste, or even if the station included a water filter. Interested businesses can sign up to be a Tap partner to list their business on the app as a free refill station.

Tap is currently free for iOS and Android devices.

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