If you’re a health-minded person, chances are you’ve heard of water ionizers. These nifty devices employ some pretty slick technology to change the pH and antioxidant potential of our drinking water, while keeping valuable mineral contents intact. In this guide, we’ll help prospective buyers find the best water ionizer for their needs – and we’ll also explain more about how these units function.


Quick Picks for the Best Water Ionizer of 2019


Our Research


Our Picks for the Best Water Ionizers


Top Overall: Life Ionizer MXL-9 

Life Ionizer MXL-9 Key Features: Lifetime warranty; pH range 2-11.5; up to -800 ORP; top-rated

Price Range: $$$$

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The Life Ionizer MXL-9 is one of the best water ionizers of 2019. It’s extremely well rated in water ionizer reviews, both from industry experts and everyday people. It’s a counter-top model, which allows for easy access and an ultra-simple installation. The design is simple and sleek, and should fit well with any kitchen design. On the downside, this unit is rather pricey – but will be well worth the investment for people who are interested in a high quality water ionizer.

The stats on this unit are impressive to say the least. It offers a pH range of 2.0-11.5, and up to -800 ORP antioxidant potential. It also has a customized pre-filter system to remove contaminants and improve the life of the filters. The unit is self-cleaning, and requires very minimal maintenance.

The Life Ionizer is an excellent unit right out of the box – and should continue to function perfectly for many years to come. And if something goes wrong, the unit is backed by a lifetime warranty that includes parts & labor!

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Budget-Friendly: Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0

Aqua Ionizer Delux 5.0Key Features: All natural filters; 4000 liter filter capacity; budget-friendly; 7 water options

Price Range: $$

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The Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0 is an excellent alkaline water machine that won’t break the bank. It makes for a great entry-level unit, and despite the low price it actually works quite well.

The unit is designed to produce water with a pH level of 4.5-11.0, and an antioxidant potential of 600+ to -600 ORP. There are 7 different settings for multiple drinking water options. And each included filter (which is made using natural materials) is designed to treat up to 4,000 liters.

This is also a fairly simple unit that’s easy to install and use. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of the more luxury models – but it also costs about 1/3 of the price! For budget-minded shoppers, this is the best water ionizer on the market.

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Luxury: Tyent UCE-11

Tyent UCE-11 Key Features: Ultra-powerful 11-plate, 750-watt design; hidden under-sink unit; best pH and ORP range available

Price Range: $$$$$

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The Tyent UCE-11 is perhaps the best water ionizer on the market, for those who are willing to spend a bit more for the best products. It’s certainly not a cheap unit, but it’s extremely powerful and effective.

The Tyent has the widest range of pH levels and ORP antioxidant potentials available from any water ionizer we’ve found. It can easily produce water with pH levels between 1.7 and 12.0, and an ORP of up to -1050.

Beyond the powerful design, the unit offers other benefits. For one, the bulk of the unit sits under your sink, with a small faucet used to pour water. The dispenser is sleek and stylish, with a slick touchscreen control panel. There are a huge number of customization options, with a whopping 99 different preset options. Bottom line – this is the best water ionizer on the market, if you can stomach the higher price tag.

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Benefits of Water Ionization

Water ionizers can provide a number of benefits in some situations, including:

Antioxidant Effects – Water ionizers can produce ionized alkaline water, otherwise known as Electrolyzed-Reduced Water, or ERW. In a 2006 research study, scientists found that drinking ERW helped to protect against oxidative damage to DNA, RNA and protein. Another study showed similar results, with researchers concluding that ionized water helped to fight the harmful oxidation process spurred by free radicals in the body. Thus, alkaline water is thought to have similar effects on the human body as eating more antioxidant-rich foods. The benefits of antioxidants are well-documented, and most experts agree that reducing oxidative stress can have hugely positive effects on your well being.

Improved Hydration & Digestion – Some emerging research has suggested that drinking alkaline water may help to improve hydration, more so than standard tap water. A separate animal study found that it may also be beneficial for the digestion process. More research is needed.

Better Cleaning – Just as water ionizers can produce alkaline (basic) water, they can also produce acidic water. Acidic water increases oxidation, so it’s not good to drink – but, it’s more effective for cleaning and sanitizing household items. Good water ionizers can easily switch back and forth, so many people use acidic water for cleaning, and alkaline water for drinking and cooking.

Filtered Water – Water ionizers also filter out many impurities from your drinking water, without removing beneficial minerals. High-end models function just as well as dedicated water filters (if not better), while also having the added benefit of producing alkaline water.

In short, the best water ionizers can give you control over the water your drinking. You can control the pH level to match the use for that water – be it for drinking water, cooking or cleaning. Keep in mind that while some benefits are well documented, others are just emerging from clinical science. The benefits of drinking alkaline water require more clinical research, but results so far have been promising.


How We Chose 

There are many different water ionizers on the market. To help choose the best water ionizer for our readers, we focused on the following factors:

pH Range – Each water ionizer is designed to be able to produce water in a certain range of pH levels. pH refers to the acidity of the water, with 1 being very acidic and 14 being very alkaline. The range of levels is beneficial, because water at various pH levels is very useful for different tasks. For instance, drinking water is best at mildly alkaline, while water used for cleaning is best as very acidic. For cooking, very alkaline water is best. So, having a good ionizer with a wide range of pH values is beneficial.

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Range – Water ionizers are also rated in terms of the Oxidation Reduction Potential, or ORP. This figure refers to the water’s ability to either reduce oxidation, or oxidize. Positive values refer to oxidative substances, while negative values notate antioxidant substances. The lower the value, the more antioxidant effects the water can have. We took the specific ORP range of each model into account when choosing the best water ionizers for our readers.

Durability & Warranty – Good water ionizers are not cheap, so we focused on models that are designed to last a long time. We also looked closely at any warranties and/or satisfaction guarantees offered by each manufacturer.

Filtration & Other Features – Many higher-end water ionizers also have full-fledged water filters. This is highly beneficial, as it allows you to drink filtered and ionized water without the need for a second device. We considered the water filtration technology, as well as any other unique features offered by each device.

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