Sump pumps provide protection, relief, and peace of mind. They are the perfect solution for homes in low-lying areas but they’re not perfect.

As much as we want our sump pumps to be perfect, some things are just too much. When the water in our basements becomes too much for even the best sump pumps, it’s time for a backup (aside from your backup sump pump).

That’s where alarms come in. They alert homeowners of the potential danger their house might be in if left alone. A good sump pump alarm is one that is reliable, loud and one that works well under different circumstances.

With so many alarms in the market, we’ve counted it down to the very best. Here are the best sump pump alarms you can find in the market today. If after reading our sump pump alarm reviews you still haven’t chosen the perfect product, our buyer’s guide at the end should make things easy for you.



Control Products HomeSitter Power Alarm HS-700

Control Products HomeSitter Power Alarm HS-700

Key Features: Comes with a highly sensitive sensor to alert you; Power outage alarm; Can call up to 3 phone numbers; Low battery alarm

One of the best sump alarms currently in the market today, the Home Sitter HS-700 is one you can rely on. With its highly sensitive sensor, it detects a variety of problems such as burst pipe, high water, and flooding. It also alerts homeowners if when their sump pump is inactive due to power interruption. This should give homeowners ample time to make appropriate action or call for backup.

Aside from the features mentioned above, it is also capable of calling up to 3 phone numbers. And did we mention that it also has a low-battery warning system? The HS-700 also has one of the best sump pump alarm ratings in Amazon. For a bunch of features, easy installation and affordable price, the HS-700 can safeguard any basement.

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Zoeller 10-4011 High Water Alarm with Battery

Zoeller 10-4011 High Water Alarm with Battery

Key Features: Long battery life; Silence/reset button; High-water alarm; audible alarm sound; Manual shut off

When it comes to sump pumps, the Zoeller brand has been known to produce high-quality products. Their sump pump alarm system, Zoeller 10-4011 is not an exception. When it comes to alarm sounds, this one is loud even for an alarm. Reaching over 86 decibels at 10 feet, it assures homeowners that they will be alerted when water-related problems occur.

To add an extra layer of protection, the product comes with a battery backup. Not that you will always have the need to because the 10-4011 already has long battery life. Lastly, for another layer of security, the alarm needs to be shut off manually. This ever trusty and versatile product can be also be used in septic tanks, lift pump chambers and your sump pump basin.

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Superior Pump 92060 Sump Alarm System

Superior Pump 92060 Sump Alarm System

Key Features: Portable design; Has battery backup; 15-foot tethered float switch; Dual power; Tough plastic body; Trusted brand

The Superior Pump 92060 Alarm System is perfect for those who prioritized performance over design. It provides an early warning of pump failure. It can also be programmed to alarm whenever water reaches a level set by the user. It comes with a battery backup which means that you don’t have to worry even if the power is out.

The 92060 has a 15-foot tethered float switch and a portable body which means it can literally fit anywhere. This is good because it can also be used not just in sump pump basins but any place where there is water.

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Sump pump alarms exist to warn homeowners of the potential danger that their basement is in. They are a must-have accessory to have for all homeowners with sump pumps. But there are so many alarms out there claiming to be the best, loudest and most reliable. So, what should a buyer really look for when buying a sump pump alarm? That’s exactly what we’re going to find out!


Sump pump alarms are your basement’s extra layer of protection for your protection (sump pump). Because the alarms are going to be placed in tough areas, the product itself needs to have a tough body. Common sense tells us to go for metal made alarms that will last a long time. But the thing is, they’re expensive and rare. Usually, alarms come in a plastic housing. You just need a durable and tough one.


Since alarms are the backup of your sump pumps, it’s important to stay on the budget while still getting the service and quality you deserve. Choose wisely and according to your needs and budget.


Aside from the main feature of alarms which is to make sound, there are a bunch of other features that some may find useful. If you’re one of those people who always leave your home without anyone around, it’s best to opt for a product with an extra feature. There are alarms that can call phone numbers which can be the difference between a flooded house and one that’s not.

Some alarms also have sensors for temperatures, security, and water. Of course, not every home need these but for those that do, these can be extremely useful.


There are alarms that can easily be installed by yourself and ones that need to be installed by a technician. Of course, if you’re not going to do it yourself, it’s more expensive. So, choose a product which you can install easily without having to call someone if your needs are small. Otherwise, you really need an installer.


Other Uses

Some sump pump alarms aren’t just for sump pump basins. There are products that can be used to where water is involved such as septic tanks, water heaters, sinks, toilets, you name it! Most alarms can be used to monitor these places but it’s best to choose one that can suit any need.

Still have a question about choosing the best sump pump alarm? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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