If you have hard water in your home, you may find that your skin and hair becomes dry after taking a shower. This is just one of the many downsides of hard water, but one of the most noticeable ones. Fortunately, there’s a pretty easy fix: getting a hard water shower filter. In this guide, we’ll help you find the best shower head filter for hard water.


Quick Picks for the Best Shower Head Filter for Hard Water 2019


Our Research


Our Picks for the Best Hard Water Shower Filters


Top Overall: Speakman 

Key Features: 50 unique spray patterns; well reviewed; softens & filters water

Price Range: $$$

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The Speakman Hotel Pure is perhaps the best shower head filter for hard water in 2019. It features an advanced filter that effectively removes contaminants and hard minerals, without significantly slowing the flow of water. This results in a full-pressure, relaxing shower, with significantly softened water.

The company behind this product has been a leader in the industry since they launched in 1869. Their products are commonly used in new home developments and hotels, and consistently earn high ratings in reviews. They’re affordable yet very high quality, striking a great balance between features and price.

This particular shower head is one of their most popular filtered models. It effectively reduces hard minerals, chlorine, chemicals and other contaminants from your water – without decreasing water pressure. And for luxurious showers, it offers a whopping 50 unique spray patterns!

This showerhead also comes in low-flow models which help save a lot of water. Despite their decreased water usage, they still have very good water pressure and don’t feel like low-flow heads.

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Budget-Friendly: AquaBliss

Key Features: Well reviewed; multi-stage filtration; fits almost any shower

Price Range: $$

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The AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter is the best hard water shower filter for those on a budget. Keep in mind that this is just a filter, and does not come with a shower head. Instead, it attaches to your existing plumbing and uses your current shower head.

The advanced multi-stage filter utilizes calcium sulfate, KDF-55 and activated carbon to remove the most contaminants possible. It’s effective in reducing hard mineral concentration, as well as removing bacteria, chlorine and more.

The AquaBliss is a top seller, and consistently earns great ratings in hard water shower filter reviews. It’s easy to see why – the unit works great, is quite affordable, and the effective filters should last for up to 10,000 gallons (6-8 months of use, typically). The replacement filters are also quite affordable!

The AquaBliss will work with any existing shower setup, regardless of whether you have a rain-style head, a fixed head or even a handheld setup. Click here to learn more.


Luxury: AquaHomeGroup

AquaHomeGroupKey Features: Multi-stage filter; luxury high-flow shower head; removes chlorine & sediments

Price Range: $$$

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The AquaHome Group Luxury Filtered Shower Head is a great shower head for hard water. It features an advanced filter that utilizes 10 stages and a vitamin C filter. This is particularly effective for removing chlorine, and is also helpful for softening shower water.

The filter itself is very effective. The shower head is also quite nice, with a high flow rate and multiple settings. The unit is easy to install, and even comes with Teflon tape for installation. It’s packaged in a stylish gift box.

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Benefits of Shower Water Filters

Hard water can cause lots of issues in your home. From leaving unsightly limescale stains on your faucets and shower to drying out your skin and hair, hard water is a constant annoyance for a lot of people. While getting a whole-house water softener can help, it’s also quite expensive. An alternative is to get a shower water softener, which can help reduce the hardness of the water coming from your shower head. This can have the following benefits:

Softer Water: Filtered shower heads typically do a good job of softening your water by reducing the concentration of hard minerals. This can have a range of benefits.

Healthier Skin and Hair:.Showering with hard water can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. It can cause dry skin, rashes, brittle hair, and more.

Less Soap: This might sound strange, but it’s true: hard water makes it difficult to lather soap and shampoo, which usually means you need to use more of it to accomplish the same thing. This costs more money over time, and also is more harmful for the environment.

Water Filtration: The shower heads we recommend don’t only soften water, they also filter it. They help to remove chemicals like chlorine, as well as contaminants, bacteria, heavy metals and more. When you shower without a filter, you end up inhaling a lot of chemicals, including chlorine. This can be harmful to your health, so it’s best to shower in filtered water.

Easier Cleaning: Limescale buildup is common in households with hard water. These unsightly stains accumulate wherever there is water exposure. They are ugly, and can be surprisingly difficult to remove. By reducing the hardness of your water, you’ll reduce or even eliminate the buildup of limescale.


How We Chose 

Filtration: We focused on the type of filters used in each unit, how many stages they offered, and how effective they were in removing contaminants and softening water. Since this is the primary purpose of these products, this was obviously the most important factor we considered.

Value: We picked units that were well made, affordable, and built to last a long time. We also took into consideration the expected lifespan of the filters (which need to be replaced regularly), as well as their replacement cost.

Reviews: We looked at hard water shower filter reviews, both from verified customers and from industry experts. This gave us a chance to see other people’s experiences with these filters, and broaden our own set of data for better overall recommendations.

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